About United Virtual Office

At United Virtual Office, we're revolutionizing the way you do business. With prestigious locations throughout the country, working from home has never been easier or more cost effective. With mailing addresses ranging from $49/month to $69/month, our additional packages include conference room access, live receptionist or auto-attendant. Call now and get started today! 1-888-456-3342.


With our experience as Executive Suites owners for the past decade, we have dedicated ourselves to understanding the needs of our clients. We noticed a great interest in the mobility of our tenants, and the need to expand in a cost effective manner. Slowing, the idea of providing everyday business services.

Mission Statement

United Virtual Office is one of the quickest upcoming virtual office providers in the market. With the vast and competitive competition, we pride ourselves in customer service and integrity. With the fast growing world of information technology and telecommunications, United Virtual Office has found a new way for businesses to expand their company without the high costs of traditional office space.